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Photoshop Tutorials The Art of Adobe Photoshop CC

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The creative processes presented in this book are generally quicker and simpler than the advanced work that goes into photographing unique objects or rare nature scenes. They may be appropriate for hobbyists, but I recommend using the most basic tools before diving into any of the more advanced techniques. Of course, nothing prevents you from using the more advanced Photoshop tools if you feel comfortable in the program and see fit.

Keep in mind that each program and application offers slightly different concepts and methods. This book presents the best and most useful tools and techniques for the illustrator.

## Easing Into the Process: Getting Comfortable with Your Graphic Tablet

You need to use your graphic tablet for the first two types of drawings in this book. I recommend using the Intuos4 for the rough sketches and using the Intuos CTL for the computer-aided drawings. You will find that drawing with the Intuos CTL is far more comfortable and easier than other tablets on the market.

## The First Steps of Drawing with a Graphite Pen

Select the first technique, Sketching/Drawing with a Pencil (Chapter 3). You can also choose Sketch in Photoshop or Paint in Photoshop (see the earlier sidebar).

The first step is to create a new document. Open a new Photoshop document that’s roughly 8½ inches by 11 inches, as shown in Figure 1-1.

Figure 1-1: Open a new document that’s roughly 8½ inches by 11 inches.

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Picking The Right Photoshop Program For You

Photoshop is a robust program that comes in 2 versions: desktop and online.

There are plenty of choices of Photoshop you can use, such as the free or paid online version, the subscription or freemium model, and the desktop version.

You can also purchase a subscription to Photoshop Elements. It is the most cost-effective option for individuals who are looking for a good photo editor. You can also download the free Photoshop Elements software for Windows or macOS. However, it isn’t optimized for the Mac.

If you want to download the trial version, you can download it directly from the Adobe website or from other third-party download sites such as Softonic, Mega and 1-click.

What Photoshop Elements Does

Photoshop Elements is an image editor that can be used for photo retouching, photo effects, retouching, preparing your images for a web or print, designing logos or any other graphics editing. It has many unique features that you won’t find in other image editors.

You can use the editor to remove red-eye, blemishes, restore details, add new layers or frames, create a web-ready logo or use different brushes to create images.

The good thing is that Photoshop Elements is a great alternative to Photoshop. Despite its lack of a few features, if you don’t have Photoshop, you can still get the job done with Photoshop Elements.

However, you must remember that Photoshop Elements can’t edit all the editing functions that Photoshop can. It can’t remove certain types of defects, but it can remove the red-eye effect that comes with old-fashioned cameras.

It’s also worth mentioning that Photoshop Elements doesn’t offer as many options as Photoshop. You can’t create advanced filters or edit the brightness and contrast as much as you can with Photoshop.

So, if you are planning on going pro or have money to invest in high-end software, I would recommend the desktop version of Photoshop.

It offers more powerful features and a more robust user interface.

You can use it for any project that you want to create. You can edit images, create web-ready logos, or make complex designs.

However, Photoshop is extremely complex. It has a lot of different tools and features, and it can be difficult to learn. Most people are

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